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Global hybrid BENEFIT event & concert platform
LAUNCHED from cop-26, glasgow, scotland

November 4th, 2021 - 2030


A Radical Collaboration TO SAVE THE Planet

The Facts are clear - URGENT ACTION is needed by all
Global Warming Will Hit 1.5 Degrees by 2040 - a UN IPCC Report Warns
Bringing Devastating Effects to Our Planet and People

The most marginalized in our society will be impacted the most.  A report from UNICEF states nearly half of the world's children — roughly 1 billion — live in one of 33 countries classified as "extremely high risk"
due to climate change impacts.

M4CJ welcomes AY Young as our Next-Generation Youth Ambassador



At COP-26 2021, we launched an ambitious platform imbued with musical performances from over 350+ artists around the world from every content and genre performing their most meaningful work, including indigenous artists, black and brown musicians and others most affected by Climate Injustice. You can hear from athletes, celebrities, thought leaders, business leaders and more who support Climate Justice by joining on ongoing platform now!

And become part of an activation platform where you can "Vote with Your Dollars" for a Better World supporting businesses committed to your values and network with likeminded individuals who realize that time is of the essence to help save our planet and people.  Don't miss this action packed event! You'll be inspired and moved to join others in the fight against Climate Injustice.

M4CJ Theme Song:  Bootsy Collins, Stevie Van Zandt, Chew Fu
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“Humankind has confronted and overcome immense challenges before; challenges that have required us to work together and to put aside division and difference to fight a common threat.


The mountain in front of us is very high.  But it is not insurmountable. we need to put the brakeS on deadly greenhouse gas emissions and drive climate action.” 


United Nations Secretary General António Guterres

Why must we all commit to MUSIC4Climatejustice?

Climate change is fundamentally an issue of human rights and environmental justice that connects the local to the global. "With rising temperatures, human lives—particularly in people of color, low-income, and Indigenous communities—are affected by compromised health, financial burdens, and social and cultural disruptions.  Those who are most affected and have the fewest resources to adapt are also the least responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions—both globally and within the United States."  University of Colorado, Boulder, Environmental Dept.


Why are we committed to climate justice?

"I'm Committed to Climate Justice, are You?"

We need everyone to tackle the biggest issue our planet has ever faced.



Check our our Merchandise and Line of Organic Clothing
20% of all Proceeds go to Support M4CJ and Climate Justice committed organizations!



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The M4CJ Climate Action plan

Radical Collaboration & Transparency
Inspire radical collaborations across verticals and borders to raise funds that impact climate outcomes in alignment with UN SDG-13.  Measure progress against climate targets, indicators and KPIs.
Influencer Legislation
Impact legislation across the globe that results in improved climate outcomes and report on progress. 
Values Based Purchase & Investment Behaviors
Change behaviors through education of inviduals and corporations to make informed choices around purchases and investments.  Encourage taking the M4CJ pledge.
Impact Innovation
Invest in the most promissing climate projects and innovations to improve enviromental and social justice.
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What makes m4cj unique?

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Radical collaboration & transparency




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