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We are a TEAM of compelled individuals who care deeply. We are concerned citizens who want to see change now because we realize the clock is ticking.  We are you.  

Music4ClimateJustice is brought to you by HealRWorld in partnership with TBWA\Chiat\Day, and Fintech.TV, along with The Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative, Dakia Digital's TRIBES music platform, Oxford Leadership, Impact 17+1, The Salon, Boardriders, Fuel.TV and numerous others with a goal of uniting global corporate executives, government leaders, climate activists, our youth, scientists, artists, athletes and all to help solve for Climate Justice in alignment with UN SDG 13- Climate Action.


Funds raised from Music4ClimateJustice through the SDGs4Impact Fund (501c3) will benefit climate justice organizations and innovative climate action impact ventures. Recipients will include UNESCO, The UN FCC Adaptation Fund, The Climate Justice Alliance's Foundation, the Sustainable Stock Exchange Initiative and the SDGs4Impact Fund.


Michele Bongiovanni, HealRWorld

Alexandre de Beauharnais Romanovsky, HealRWorld

David C. Traub, HealRWorld 

Vincent Molinari, FINTECH.TV

Rocky Dawuni, Musician & Activist

Denise Roberson, TBWA/Chiat/Day

Cathey Curtis, Boardriders, Inc.

Lisa Roberson-Beery, Development Expert

Bob McKnight, Quiksilver

Don Meek, FUEL TV

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WE ASKED Mother Nature To provide our unique COLOR inspiration.
By deriving Our Color Palette from real heatmaps showing What Climate Change Looks like across continents, we seek to make a statement about both the beauty and fury of our earth. 
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M4CJ Producers


Live Animals, Inc.

Our producers are award-winning executive producers Ivan Dudynsky and Audrey Morrisey of Live Animals, the dynamic duo behind the smash hits the Voice, Songland, and MTV Music Awards.

Ivan Dudynsky

Executive Producer and Director

Ivan is an award-winning producer and director.  With extensive experience on both sides of the camera, Dudynsky has directed thousands of hours of live music television, commercials, and creative directed for brands like Nike, MTV, Beats By Dre and Universal.  He is the co-creator, executive producer and director of NBC Songland, directs VH1’s “Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party”, NBC’s “Hollywood Game Night,” Netflix’s “Next in Fashion,” FOX “Teen Choice Awards,” and MTV “Unplugged.”  Ivan produced and directed the live 24-hour special O Music Awards for Viacom in 2011 and 2012.  He has launched several independent networks and is currently working on Fiesta Latina for iHeart and The Global Citizen Prize for NBC. In 2012, Ivan was the Chief Creative Officer and helped develop, conceive and launch REVOLT TV with longtime collaborator Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs.


Audrey Morrissey

Executive Producer, "The Voice" and "One World: Together at Home."  
Audrey is an executive producer and the creative force, show runner behind both NBC’s four-time Emmy Award-winning musical competition series “The Voice” and and co-creator of “Songland,” the network’s hit songwriting competition series. Audrey started Live Animals with her partner Ivan Dudynsky and serves as Executive Producer. She has executive produced the Emmy Awards, “People’s Choice Awards,” “MTV Movie Awards,” “CMT Music Awards,” “Teen Choice Awards,” and most recently the Emmy nominated special Global Citizen One World Special broadcast on all the major network that raised $120M+ for Covid related charities.