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The Adaptation Fund was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and since 2010 has committed US $720 million to climate adaptation and resilience activities, including supporting 100 concrete adaptation projects. Helping developing countries build resilience and adapt to climate change.
UNESCO Inclusivity Policy Lab works on the emerging issues of knowledge co-production and its translation into inclusive and equity-weighted policies. The Lab aims to support the implementation l of the SDGs’ pillar on inclusive development through policy and practice.
SDGs 4 Impact Fund (501c3)
HealRWorld's SDGs 4 Impact Fund will support program and mission related investments in innovative social impact companies dedicated to People, Planet and Profit.  The SDGs4Impact Fund is a non-profit (501c3) fund. Learn More.
We envision a world in which fairness, equity, and ecological rootedness are core values.  Climate Justice Alliance members have won significant victories against polluting and extractive industries.  We are building local alternatives that center traditional ecological and cultural knowledge and create a pathway for a regenerative future.

Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative

Stock Exchanges have an important role to play in advancing sustainability in the capital markets. The Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) initiative provides an effective platform for dialogue between the UN, stock exchanges, investors, companies and regulators. By exploring how stock exchanges can work with these actors, the SSE is working to create more sustainable capital markets.

Despite all the incredible work done to date around the world, we are significantly behind the 7.6% annual decrease in global greenhouse gas emissions required over the next decade to limit global warming to 1.5° C. by 2030.  And if we don’t take radical, large scale action, our planet will suffer immensely.


M4CJ will partner with the following beneficiaries to invest in climate projects and initiatives that will directly contribute to the goal of 1.5° C. by 2030. HealRWorld's SDGS4 Impact Fund (501C3) will ensure that all proceeds from the concert will support global climate initiatives at the macro and local scale.  HealRWorld is dedicated to fostering a more just and regenerative global economy for a more sustainable world. 

This level of philanthropic activism is key to solving the climate crisis.