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Amos Roach


Amos Roach is a Wiradjuri/ Gunditj Mara man who is a musician and dancer. Amos Roach’s music presents a narrative of healing, told with song and dance. His voice travels between the Desert, the Riverland and the Saltwater to the city like smoke from a fire.

Amos is a cultural practitioner. Traditional First Nations culture informs the fundamentals of his craft. His music is part of the song-line that connects people and Country. Everything Amos does is music. If he is not playing an instrument, he is listening and exploring new sounds. Australian Gypsy Reggae imagines a fusion of Australian traditional and modern indigenous music, founded in rhythm and the Didgeridoo with Flamenco influenced Rap music, ballads and Rock that shakes the ground and compels us to dance.

A lilt of smoke, the Riverland echoes and we can feel the sand and salt water rushing through the veins of Amos’s voice as he carries the song lines from the desert to our ears.

Amos Roach
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