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Apratim Majumdar


Hindustani classical

"Apratim Majumdar, a young sarodiya enraptured the listeners with his captivating sarod recital. A remarkable combination of talent restraint and aplomb, there was not a single faltering note in the heartwarming recital of Apratim Majumdar. Apratim's inspiring recital was marked by melodic fluidity, enthusiasm and expert craftsmanship. After an impressive Alap-Jod-Jhala in Raaga Jaijwanti, Apratim took a Gat in Jhaptal sculpting the gestalt of this raaga with admirable precision. He concluded his recital with Dadra composition in the uncommon Raga "Palas-Kafi" popularised by Pt. Ravi Shankar. Apratim ingeniously brought in Ragas like Nand, Bhupali, Durga tinged with hues with Bhairavi."

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