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Barnali Ray Shukia


Barnali Ray Shukla is a writer, filmmaker and a poet. Her writing has featured in Sunflower Collective, Out Of Print,, OUTCAST, Madras Courier, Bengaluru Review, Indian Ruminations, Vayavya, The Brown Critique, Kaurab, Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry II,, Indian Quarterly, Modern English Poetry by Younger Indians (Sahitya Akademi), The World That Belongs to Us (HarperCollins India), Have a Safe Journey (Amaryllis, India), Side Effects of Living (Speaking Tiger, Women Unlimited), Hibiscus (Hawakal Publishers), Open Your Eyes (Hawakal Publishers), The Kali Project (Indie Blu-e Publishing), Borderless (Singapore), Voice & Verse (Hong Kong), UCityReview (USA), A Portrait in Blues (UK) and Centre for Stores (Australia). She has one feature film to her credit as writer director, three documentaries, two short films, a book of poems, Apostrophe (RLFPA, 2016). She lives in Mumbai with her plants, books and a husband.

Barnali Ray Shukla is a filmmaker, poet and writer. Starting off as a cell-biologist specializing in plant tissue culture and a topper of the Delhi University both at graduate and post graduate level, Barnali soon turned towards film-making. Over the years, she has worked with Ram Gopal Varma, Sudhir Mishra and Ekta Kapoor. Her first feature- film as a writer-director Kucch Luv Jaisaa, was released in May 2011.

Apart from story and scriptwriting, she writes poetry and her work is on, Anthology of Contemporary Indian poetry, Vayavya, OUTCAST, IndianCulturalForum, Madras Courier. UCity Review (USA), 'A Portrait In Blues' (Platypus Press UK). Her short stories are up and running on OutOfPrint, Dastaan, SunflowerCollective, Indian Rumination and ReadFingers. In two consecutive years, 2013 and 2014 her scripts were long-listed for the SUNDANCE-Mahindra Script Lab. Her first documentary ‘LIQUID BORDERS’, (2015,Films Division) travelled to film festivals across North America, Italy and India.

She is the India winner of the 2016 RLPoetry Award for her first collection of poems 'Apostrophe'. She is now pitching her second Hindi feature film. She has just completed a feature length documentary, 'Once Upon A Sky', which in six months has bagged 16 official selections, finalists in three festivals and 6 awards and counting, including best director and picture. Her third documentary 'ALL IS WELL' is now five months old, has bagged 13 awards and counting...

She lives in Bombay with her plants, books and a husband. When she is not doing any of the above, she goes off to trek in the Himalayas.

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