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Beatrice "Bea" Anderson


Jazz/African vocalist

Beatrice Anderson is a performer and educator with roots in classical, jazz and world music, having sung internationally at the Chiari Music Festival, in Chiari, Italy and in various cities across the country. She currently works as a Teaching Artist and Consultant for Jazz at Lincoln Center’s; Middle School Jazz Academy, Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy, Urban Arts Partnership, Midori & Friends, and The Metropolitan Opera Guild. Her general philosophy and pedagogy is helping her students see themselves, their artistry, their voices as vehicles. Encouraging them to allow the production of sound and the sound itself to release, welcome, offer and inspire both themselves and those around them. “This information is meant to be passed on and shared” is the concept she lives by as an educator, artist and student of life. She has trained with world renowned classical and contemporary voice teachers and coaches including Helen Hodam, Trisch Mcaffery, and Dr. Jackie Peoples to name a few. She is constantly seeking new information to help inform and bring her pedagogy up to date as a devote student of helping others transform and find the JOY in making healthy, colorful, expressive sound. Beatrice is the lead instructor for all private and group lessons with My Inside Voice. Workshops through My Inside Voice include additional artists and staff from the organization.

Beatrice "Bea" Anderson
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