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Ed “Moose” Savage


Ed "Moose" Savage stormed into the music world armed with only a kazoo, a unique voice, and 2 songs: "Crawfish With A Vengeance", and "The Roach Under The Pillow". These 2 songs were released as a 45 in 1984 on the Arf Arf label. Arf Arf Records owner Erik Lindgren had no idea of what was to be recorded beforehand and he had absolutely no idea who the hell Ed "Moose" Savage was. Yet after hearing what had transpired in his studio, he immediately offered to put out the 45 on his label, no strings attached. He continually shook his head in amazement. This record became a huge cult favorite all around Boston.

This was also the origin of his first band, Moose and the Mudbugs. A year later they released a 12" E.P., also on the Arf Arf label titled "Milk Crate Takeover", which featured 4 more Ed "Moose" Savage originals and plenty of rip-roarin rock 'n' roll kazoo. This became a big favorite on Boston and U.S. underground radio. It also received airplay around Europe and was especially popular on Radio France. Both these records were truly unique and somewhat indescribable, although probably the best description was the term "Mardi Garage", which was used in an article about the band in 1985. Savage had spent much time in New Orleans, and the influence of the people and the party atmosphere, more than the actual style of music itself, certainly would come across in his performance. Ed would also seem to always make a connection to his audience, which was definitely an influence of his mom, Ruth Savage, who performed old songs in English and Yiddish, usually unaccompanied.

In 1989-1990, Ed led the band Siamese Triplets, laced with psychedelia and featuring many more originals, including the songs "Worms" and "Vinyl Siding", which were released on the "Arf Arf Presents" compilation.

In 1992, he formed Ed "Moose" Savage and his Litany of Complaints. This was a duo made up of Ed on vocals, kazoo, jews harp, etc., along with Siamese Triplets drummer, Paul "Bing Bang Boom Boom" Dionne. In 1993 they released a 7" 4 song e.p. "Here We Come", on the Rangoon label. In 1998 they released a 15 song CD "Is This Any Way To Be?", on the Guinea Pig Label, featuring songs ranging from the monumental hit, "Iceberg Lettuce", to "Cuppa Tea", Vinyl Siding", "Gut", "Rrrats", "Just a Nickel", "Clove Cigarettes", "Bread Is Dangerous", and so much more. It was actually going to be called, "Hit After Hit After Hit". After one listening, you will understand why. An alternate version of "Gut" also appeared on the Arf Arf compilation of incredibly strange music, "Only In America volume 2".

In 2003, Ed released a double CD on the Unbelievacable! label: "Moose and the Mudbugs AND Siamese Triplets Live at the Knights of Pythias".

Ed "Moose" Savage continues to perform and dazzle audiences with unforgettable performances, and has many fans from ages 2 to 94. He is a one of a kind performer, and is pretty damn hard to ignore. Is the world ready for him?!?!? I believe so.

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