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Fiction Syxx


Fiction Syxx become a reality in 2016. The name was an expression that was derived from the founder, Mark Lanoue’s, youth. Being born on 6666, his birthday was always surrounded by the connection to 666. However, there was much fiction derived from those who associated the defined narrative of the Number of the Beast and the cultural and spiritual definition of the four sixes, which is both the Angels’ Number and the Devils’ number. It is fitting for a Gemini and it is much like the inverse construct around the yin and the yang. Fiction Syxx currently has 2 releases and their 3rd underway. Their debut, Tall Dark Secrets was released worldwide in 2017. It began with Mark Lanoue (Chasing karma/Biloxi/Persian Risk), Tony "The Fretless Monster" Franklin (Kenny Wayne Shepard/The Firm/Blue Murder/Whitesnake), JK Northrup (King Kobra/XYZ), Eric Ragno (Joel Lynn Turner/Graham Bonnet), and Rory Faciane came together to create a Smoking Debut and the start of what defines Fiction Syxx music. This debut included other guests such as: Jimi Bell (House of Lords/The Geezer Butler Band), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Steve Brown (Trixter), Christian Wentz (Circle II Circle/Futures End), David Cagle (International session vocalist), KarlCochran (rated x, farcry), Carl Sentence (Nazareth/Don Airey), Thorsten Koehne (Edens Curse), Lee Small (Shy) and others. The sold-out debut would be followed by the bands’sophomore effort, The Alternate Me, in 2019. There was also a member change at the beginning of the recording of this release, which completed the core of the band. Larry Hart (King Kora/Montrose) took over the bass guitar role, after the departure of Tony Franklin. This release had 12 tracks, including two covers.

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