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Jonathan Scott


Jonathan Scott is a writer and record collector. His last book, The Vinyl Frontier, is about the making of a Golden Record that NASA fixed to the side of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in 1977.

No, honestly. It’s true. They really did that.

After studying archaeology at university, Jonathan worked as a reporter at his local newspaper. He joined Metropolis Publishing, becoming editor of Book Collector, while also contributing features, interviews and reviews to the magazine’s better looking, better selling sister Record Collector.

Since going freelance in 2007 he’s continued to write about collectable records, rare books, weird science . . . all alongside countless features for BBC’s flagship genealogy title Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine, and even some books.

His next book, Into The Groove, is all about the birth of recorded sound.

He grew up in Kent. He now lives in Sussex.

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