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Leslie Helpert


I’m Leslie Helpert, voice-coach, composer, artist and long-time performer. I’ve supported voices around the globe for over 20 years. I understand what it takes to nourish expression, having performed original musical works in over 300 venues and recorded dozens of compositional projects in studios worldwide. Passionate about the intersection of sound, wellness and culture, I've had the honor to be the country of Bermuda and Denmark’s elected resident musician. My professional work with the voice encompasses many facets: from speaking, writing and singing copy, supervising voiceovers, coaching major label international artists in recording session, and writing/directing music scores for commercial projects. My clientele ranges from the top-most international consulting companies of the world to main-stage TED speakers. I work with the voice to extensively support those on healing journeys, guiding the voice toward reversing chronic pathological conditions, forming new, healthy muscle memory and nourishment for the nervous system. With my support, clients' vocal explorations often result in significant gained insights and physiological shifts. I offer voice-bathing to individuals and groups worldwide, accessing vocal frequencies to invite deep relaxation and physiological well-being. My background of 3 decades of writing over 1,000 lyrical songs, novels, and volumes of poetry, ghost-writing, branding and editing others' work --as well as being an avid illustrator commissioned worldwide-- informs my offering as a high-performance coach and creative project manager. For 20 years, I've been a yoga educator who is Yoga Teacher Alliance-certified and I hold a master's degree from The Berklee College of Music in Performance with a focus on Holistic Practice and Productivity.

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