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Mina Cho


Original Jazz Piano

As a classically trained jazz pianist and composer who has a theological background and is situated in a cosmopolitan music community, Mina Cho’s musical path has always been informed by creative jazz in which a variety of cultural elements are merged with American jazz and classical music traditions as well as philosophy. Mina studied Theology at Yonsei University in Korea, which later helped her to develop unique musicianship as a philosophical jazz pianist and composer at Berklee College of Music where she won numerous awards and received a B.M. Summa Cum Laude in 2009 and at New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) where she received an M.M. with the highest of honors Pi Kappa Lambda in 2013. Throughout her studies, Mina focused on practical aspects of music, such as exploring theological concepts in composition and improvisation, releasing albums, performing at various concerts and jazz festivals, and touring South America and Korea to give performances and lectures. While pursuing her M.M. at NEC, Mina’s musical experience was enriched by various theoretical and musicological studies. Reflecting her research interest in “cross-cultural idioms in music and theology,” Mina’s music has been creatively enriching the contemporary global music scene. Mina has acquired a doctoral degree in Jazz Studies–Composition & Musicology (minor) at NEC and is a PhD in Musicology candidate at Brandeis University. She is also a faculty member at Emerson College (The Department of Performing Arts) and the founder & CEO of IGJI (International Gugak Jazz Institute), which has been presenting several cross-cultural events, including her Pansori Cantata with a Jazz Orchestra Project, in the United States and South Korea.

Mina Cho
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