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NIckolai Salcedo


NIckolai Salcedo is a musician, composer, visual artist, actor and storyteller from Trinidad and Tobago. His work is known for it's integrity, honesty and dramatic flare. He recently appeared in the award-winning feature film Play the Devil, directed by Maria Govan, and is starring in the upcoming film Hero: The Life and Times of Ulric Cross directed by Frances-Anne Solomon.

In 2007 he founded the band GYAZETTE. He lead the band, composing all the music, and performed as lead singer and guitarist until 2013, when he dissolved the group and broke out as a solo act. He joined with his two younger brothers in 2015-2016 to form THE SALCEDO BROTHERS while continuing to build his solo career.

Nickolai began his musical career in 2002 at the University of the West Indies (“UWI”). He taught himself guitar, and after leaving UWI, he worked for a few years as an Art teacher before founding a band called ‘Gyazette’. Gyazette’s music was described by its members and followers as ‘truth’ music or else music that speaks to the world and to people with the clear honesty of the average man on the street. The band is still well known in Trinbagonian circles for its passionate and moving performances as well as Nickolai’s theatrical approach to performance. The music combined Middle Eastern melodies, urban Hip Hop beats, Reggae bass riffs or even Heavy Metal chord changes all dancing on a solid bed of Calypso rhythms provided by Nickolai’s percussive style of guitar playing.

Nickoal is additionally an actor, and in 2013 his career took off. After spending several months away from his band filming in England and Ghana, when he returned to Trinidad and Tobago, he decided to dissolve Gyazette and re-brand as a solo act. Since branching out, he has been working as an actor on a number of feature films, working again as a visual artist, and composing several albums, including a solo one for himself, titled Dear Dee, and the soundtrack for a multi-media art installation he plans to launch in 2017.

NIckolai Salcedo
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