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Saikeshav Antarguru


Antarguru Sai Keshav is a young Indian Mystic, Musician and Healer hailing from Bangalore, India. He has recently authored the book "From A Mystic's Diary", which describes his journey and spiritual practices on the path to Mysticism. An intense spiritual practitioner; Antarguru is of the firm belief borne out of direct experience, that any form of change, be it social or economic or spiritual, has to be initiated from within rather than being enforced from without. The change or transformation invoked from within manifests the change in the external environment too, without any additional effort whatsoever.

Under the guidance of his Master, Antarguru Sai Keshav is now actively engaged in setting up the "Antaravyom Foundation", an institution aimed at bringing about inner transformation and well being through the practice of mindfulness and inner awareness, using the sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha and other ancient practices or forms of experiential learning.

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