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Satchit Puranik


Satchit Puranik calls himself a multi lingual writer, theatre maker & film maker which covers his portfolio career as playwright, director, editor, casting director, producer and performer. His films work (Court, Ship Of Theseus, Garbage amongst others) and theatre work (Karl Marx In Kalbadevi, Loitering, Ammi Jaan amongst others) have led him to work in around 9 languages, and over a thousand shows across a dozen countries. His international outings in documentary theatre include Family 81, Mahabharata with Frascati Production, NL and performative conversations with Building Conversations, NL. Apart from making activism music videos (Brother From My Pakistani Mother, Mother Of The Nation), he is also actively engaged with an NGO – Men Against Violence & Abuse, MAVA, Mumbai in the capacity of mentoring cultural and digital advocacy.

Satchit Puranik
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