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Sean Frenette


Guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter Sean Frenette has been inspiring audiences with the passion, virtuosity, and spirit of his unique musical performances. With 3 string guitar, electric-classical guitar, woodwinds, piano and voice, Sean artfully blends improvisation and slow-crafted composition, as well as a great breadth of musical influences (Michael Hedges, Eliot Fisk, Jimi Hendrix, Zakir Hussain, Edgar Meyer, Björk, Jeff Buckley, Fela Kuti, Tool, Thelonius Monk, Debussy, and Bach.)

That Sean's solo music covers a wide range is not surprising given his background: he is a conservatory-trained classical guitarist, a long-time student of Indian classical vocal music, a prolific composer, a wildly creative improviser, and a passionate educator. Sean's love and appreciation of music and art from all over the world and from many time periods comes through in the joyful way in which he weaves his own music of the many threads humanity has collectively spun. Sean's music is a sprawling synthesis of innovation and tradition, a vibrant, captivating musical tapestry.

"The music flows through as my experiences, perceptions, emotions, and dreams meet at the crossroads of infinite musical possibility and the finite focus of all that makes a moment—including you!" - SF

Sean's performance history is vast and eclectic. He has performed three times at Carnegie Hall, on three different instruments, and in three different musical genres. In 2005, he provided opening music at a fundraiser featuring Carlos Santana. The last many years have seen Sean touring across the U.S. and internationally primarily as a core member of the kirtan ensemble Shantala (Benjy and Heather Wertheimer) along with frequent guests bansuri flutist Steve Gorn and Beyoncé guitarist/music director Bibi McGill.

Some of his other musical projects include collaborations with vocalist Lindsey Stormo, song keeper Peia Luzzi, Trillium Voices Estonian choir, conductor Matt Butler and his Everyone Orchestra, The Superpowers afrobeat orchestra, jazz/neo-soul vocalist Gretchen Elise, storytellers Brother Blue and Michael Meade, dancers Liz Roncka and Olivier Besson, virtuoso guitarist/singer-songwriter Christie Lenée.

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