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Sirojiddin Juraev


Tajik classical music

Sirojiddin Juraev is a master performer on long-necked lutes from Central Asia. Born and raised near the ancient city of Khujand, in northern Tajikistan, Sirojiddin learned to play the two-stringed dutar as a child and later studied with the great Uzbek master Turgun Alimatov. As a student at the Academy of Maqom, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, Sirojiddin also studied tanbur and sato (bowed tanbur) with ustaz Abduvali Abdurashidov. Sirojiddin is active as a composer and arranger, and has created a body of new virtuoso works for dutar, tanbur, and sato. He performs both as a soloist and as a member of several ensembles, including Soriana, the Aga Khan Ensemble, the Academy of Maqom, and Tajikistan’s State Shashmaqom Ensemble.

Sirojiddin Juraev
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