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The Flower Pistils


The Flower Pistils are a music group consisting of multi-instrumentalists Micah Huang and Emma Gies. Our mission is simple: To create music that is honest and untainted by the self-righteous, self-destructive mores of today’s hyper-curated, digitally mediated culture.

For us, music is about the art of creation, the craft of refining, and the lifelong quest to discover and express the intuitive and emotional truths that define our inner lives. This is an interactive process that we and out listeners go through together. It is a spiritually motivated pursuit, aimed at inner harmony rather than material gain.

We were born into a world where money is God and data is dogma. Music is our passion, our defiance and our sanctuary.

This approach has led us on a long and rather unconventional path. We met in 2010 while playing in a folk-punk band called Sweet Nothin’s. In 2013, Micah was awarded a Fulbright fellowship and we traveled to Budapest, Hungary where we studied and collaborated with musicians from the city’s Romungro (mis-pronounced “Roma” by westerners) community. We have collaborated with poets (Angie Estes, The Astoria Oregon Fisherpoets’ Gathering) Artists (Llorna Simpson via the Tufts University Art Galleries) and dancers (Ava Untermeyer, Young-Tseng Wong, the Dance departments of Scripps College and Tufts University, Evolve Dynamicz) as well as musicians from a wide range of backgrounds including visionary Pianists Chi-Wei Lo and Xiapoei Xu as well as Chinese Guzheng specialist Muqi Li. Our single Children of The End Times (2020) was a finalist in The John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

We created the music for the podcast, Blood on Gold Mountain, which tells the story of the 1871 LA Chinatown Massacre through the eyes of a female Chinese immigrant.

The Flower Pistils live near Los Angeles, California USA

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