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The Indian Whistlers’ Association


The Indian Whistlers’ Association (IWA), founded on Sept. 19th, 2004 by Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey (The Maverick Whistler), is the world’s first truly Indian and the largest whistling fraternity. It is India’s 1st and only school, dedicated to promoting Musical Whistling as a performing art and has done more than 300 shows all over India since 2004. We have many awards and accolades to our credit as well.

Proud to have whistling members, both male and female, from the age of 10 years to 70 years from all walks of life. Our whistlers are capable of whistling not just film songs but also classical (Western & Indian), devotional, patriotic and other diverse range of compositions. IWA shows have provided a unique and unforgettable experience to its audiences all over India.

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